From the delicate to the dynamic - Banderilllero drives, pounds and beats at the heart. Javier De Frutos' hotly anticipated new work takes its name from the banderillero (pronounced ban-dair-ee-air-oh) bullfighter that teases the bull in the arena - all the time preparing it for the matador's kill.

In a frenzied ritual, half sport half spectacle, the banderillero poses and pirouettes reaching over the bull's horns to stab coloured darts into its flanks. Banderillero lashes out - plummeting the senses into a swirling intensity of self and purpose. Taking its form from a triptych - a picture or carving on three panels - two groups of dancers combine drama and daring in a special space created on the stage.


Seasons: 2006, 2011

Choreography: Javier De Frutos

Design: Javier De Frutos

Lighting Design: Paul Jackson


Poem of Chinese Drum, composed by Li Zhen-Gui and Tan Dun.

Deep Night, performed by the Beijing Opera and arranged by Li Min-Xiong.

Triumphal Return of Fishing Boats - Gong and Drum Music of Zhoushan Islands, performed by Zhejiang Song and Dance Troupe and arranged by Liu Wen-Jin.

Recording features on the album Yim Hok-man - Poems of Thunder: The Master Chinese Percussionist. Recording courtesy of NAXOS WORLD (76002-2). © 1998 HNH International. © 200 HNH International Limited.

Percussionist: Yim Hok-man


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