Don Quixote

Don Quixote leaps to life in a riot of bright colours, music and fun in this story of "The Don's" final quest for adventure. 

The tale follows the confused and ageing Don, together with his young nephew Sancho, as they encounter the devious Gamache with his consort of rough and ready street dancers; the beautiful but feisty Kitri; her young, penniless lover Basilio; Kitri's father - a pretentious café owner - and a tribe of wild gypsies. 

A secret lover's tryst, a robbery, visions and dreams, and a celebratory wedding add excitement to this fun adventure. Don Quixote is one of the great comedic ballets of all time.


Seasons: 2008

Choreography: Adrian Burnett

Choreography (Original): Marius Petipa

Design: Gary Harris

Lighting Design: Jon Buswell

Music: Ludwig Minkus

Staged by: Gary Harris


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