Moonlit and magical, Giselle is classical ballet at its most bewitching. Giselle, a simple country girl, dies of a broken heart when she discovers her lover Albrecht has deceived her. Returning to haunt him, she joins the ghostly ranks of the Wilis: abandoned brides who rise from the grave to prey on the men who wronged them.

Even in death Giselle's devotion to Albrecht remains, and she fights to save him from a deadly dance with her supernatural sisters. Regarded as the masterpiece of the Romantic ballet treasury, Giselle was first performed in Paris in 1841. In a superbly atmospheric production, Gary Harris' restaging sensitively expresses the emotional depth and drama of this enduring classic. A work of singular beauty and grace, Giselle is a must-see for lovers of ballet tradition.


Seasons:  2006

Choreography: Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot

Design: Based on original design by Peter Cazalet

Lighting Design: Jon Buswell

Restaging: Gary Harris with the assistance of Sherilyn Kennedy


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