Milagros takes its name from the Spanish word used to describe both miracles and votive offerings left at churches or shrines. The sacrificial sense of milagros is the focus of Javier De Frutos' work. The work is full of unsettling imagery - of limping cripples on pilgrimage, and of struggle and violence. Twelve dancers, evenly partnered, weave simple circular patterns that lurch into pliant, throbbing masses. 2004 Laurence Olivier Award nominee - Best New Dance Production, "Milagros ranks as one of the great Rites - combining the collective potency of a ritual with the realisation of each dancer as a hauntingly believable individual." - The Guardian (UK)


Seasons: 2003, 2005, 2011

Choreography: Javier De Frutos

Costume Design: Javier De Frutos

Lighting Design: John Rayment

Music: The Rite of Spring (for piano roll) by Igor Stravinsky


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