Plan to A

"Their stunning achievement with the challenging and gorgeous Jorma Elo piece, Plan to A, in this new triple-bill programme, is patent proof of the success of this energetic outreach. Elo has taken the international scene by storm with his highly original choreographic work. It is intense and intensely musical, funny, touching, quirky. Seven dancers - Clytie Campbell, Antonia Hewitt, Lucy Balfour, Paul Mathews, Eliot Rudolph, Michael Braun and Andrew Simmons - took the Aotea Centre by storm on opening night, with their riveting performance in this most riveting of choreographies. Closely clad in fiery red, fuelled by the surging medieval violins of Heinrich Biber, they moved their bodies and our astonished souls in ways most of us had never previously experienced. Peak performance, for sure." - NZ Herald


Seasons:  2008, 2011

Choreography: Jorma Elo

Design: Joke Visser

Lighting Design: Jordan Tuinman

Music: Heinrich Biber

Restaging: Nancy Euverink


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