Si Supieras

Tango's fiery spirit is channelled into modern ballet in Turid Revfeim's Si Supieras. The work draws on the sensual elements of the dance - the flirtatious interactions, the abandoned lunges, knife-sharp kicks and taut swivels. The choreography retains the intimacy between two dancers, but casts off tango's more restrictive conventions.

Reinterpreting it in her own expansive style, Revfeim uses the entire body rather than just the legs and feet. Smouldering in red and black, the women wear layered skirts, split to show length and leg, while bare shoulders give a sense of the heat of a crowded salon, and of the dance itself. "Turid Revfeim turns tango conventions into a playful, even abandoned dance of courtship in Si Supieras, incorporating beautiful pas de deux work into the complex suite of tangos composed by Jonathan Besser." - The Dominion Post


Seasons: 2005

Choreography: Turid Revfeim

Costume Design: Kate Venables, men's shirts by Modus-Operandi

Lighting Design: Jason Morphett

Music: Jonathan Besser



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