Creative Dance Workshops


 To complement your attendance of our productions, we invite schools from all over New Zealand to take part in creative dance workshops. These workshops are conducted at your school and aim to further increase students' awareness of Royal New Zealand Ballet and our productions.

These workshops, usually facilitated during the week of the production, will give students a greater understanding of the work presented, introduce them to choreographic techniques and help hone their performance skills. Each workshop is also tailored to give insight into the choreographer's intentions, the musical influences and the designer's vision.

With a maximum of 30 students per class, one of our Educators will visit your school for one class or a series of lessons throughout the day. Book early to avoid disappointment.

All of the schools workshops support the aims and objectives of the New Zealand Arts Curriculum and are suitable for primary through to NCEA level students.




Enhance your Students' Experience

We offer special ticket prices for workshop participants to attend our live ballet performances.

Dance develops valuable life skills:

- Inspires creativity and personal expression

- Develops personal and social skills

- Promotes a positive awareness of health and fitness

- Develops critical appreciation

- Enhances language, numeracy and problem solving skills.

Creative Dance Workshops are conducted in conjunction with each of our seasons. Where possible workshops are booked at a time that suits your schools timetable. Workshops can be as short as one hour or up to a day, the choice is yours. Please note that our educator will require a large, open space with a wooden floor and a stereo that supports MP3 connection and CDs. Students must change into appropriate clothing before their workshop.


Hannah Teaching


In 2014 we have three great performance seasons with correlated workshop options to engage your students:

Term 2: Coppelia   Performance dates: 17th April – 31st May

Term 3: Allegro   Performance dates: 30th July – 23rd August

Term 4: A Christmas Carol  Performance dates: 30th October – 14th
December. An abridged school performance will be performed in Auckland and Wellington

Curriculum linked, workshops available nationwide in the week prior to the performance date in your centre.

$5 per student for a workshop taught at your school (minimum 10)

$15 student/teacher prices to an RNZB performance at the theatre (ratio 9:1)


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