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Thursday, March 08, 2012

NYC Opens to critical success

Ethan Stiefel’s first programme as artistic director of the Royal New Zealand Ballet has opened to critical acclaim and busy box offices, with reviewers and audience members raving about NYC – Three Short Ballets from the Big Apple. The triple bill is now touring throughout the country.

"Ethan Stiefel's first programme delivers a big, bright and exquisitely danced dollop of instant gratification" ...  Wow!"
Bernadette Rae, NZHerald - 2 March

"Unreservedly recommended"
Mark Broatch, Sunday Star Times - 4 March

"This is a triple bill which will be remembered for a long time, andFinal Dresswhich is one of the great contemporary dance pieces, should be repeated as often as possible."
John Daly-Peoples, National Business Review online - 1 March

"NYCis in a word, incredible. It has everything you could ever hope to see in a ballet - grace, elegance, beauty and edge."
Bridget Jones, - 1 March

"Gillian Murphy is utterly gorgeous - and her dancing is finely nuanced.  You can see her influence on the younger dancers who totally rise to the occasion especially Lucy Green ..."
Raewyn White, Radio NZ - Arts on Sunday - 4 March

"[28 Variations] this lovely piece reveals the technical brilliance of the dancers.  Gillian Murphy, principal guest dancer, was outstanding in this work - her careful gestures encompassing all the needed to be said."
Kate Hannah for - 29 Feb

What they [the audience] get is a fun, quirky programme which is full of energy. was fresh, interesting and full of contrasts - giving the dancers new challenges which they have met admirably."
Roxanne de Bruyn -  - 1 March

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