• Angelina Ballerina

    The Meridian Season of Angelina Ballerina's Big Audition

    Tickets from just $25

"A show that can keep a theatre of young children spellbound for 75 minutes must be a magical performance. That is exactly what the Royal New Zealand Ballet's Meridian Season of Angelina Ballerina's Big Audition delivere... The colourful mouse costumes were delightful, but it was the superb talent of the dancers that was truly mesmerising..." Bay of Plenty News, 26 March

"As we filed out of the theatre, little girls and boys were humming and pirouetting, having absorbed the magic of this knock-out show that really does make you want to get up and dance."Bay of Plenty News, 26 March

"The performance was brilliant. The dancers are extremely talented" Rotorua News, 24 March

"If you're an Angelina Ballerina fan, you'll love this show. If you're a dancing fan or appreciate talent in any form, it's definitely one to see." Rotorua News, 24 March

"The stage is enchanted, as are the audience of future prima ballerinas throughout. There will be many a sweet dream of glittering stardom in Hamilton tonight!" Theatrereview.org.nz

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